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Price 18000 USD

Andos Jham
Andos Jham
online 1 year ago


13 February 2019


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iphone 7plus 32GB matte black

19 July 2020, 4:09

Pennsylvania, Leibharts Corner

Price 18000 USD

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ad iphone 7plus 32gb matte black



Privat person / Business

Privat person

kung anong nakita nyo sa pic ganyan din

sa personal mas maganda pa jan

nasa baba ang fu na price

pricelist semi fu LTE SIM any sim pwede IPHONE6 16GB 7,000 not refurbish

IPHONE6 32GB 7,500

IPHONE 6 64GB 8,000

IPHONE 128GB 9,000

IPHONE 6s 16GB 8,500

IPHONE 6s 32GB 9,500

IPHONE 6s 64GB 10,000

IPHONE 6s 128GB 11,000

IPHONE 6plus 16GB 9,000

IPHONE 6plus 64GB 10,500

IPHONE plus 128GB 11,500

IPHONE 6splus 16GB 11,000

IPHONE 6splus 32GB 12,000

IPHONE 6splus 64GB 13,500

IPHONE 6splus128GB 14,500

IPHONE 7 32GB 13,000

IPHONE 7 128GB 14,500

IPHONE 7 256GB 15,500

IPHONE 7plus 32GB 18,000

IPHONE 7plus 128GB 19,500

IPHONE 7plus 256GB 21,000

pricelist factory unlocked not semi not gpp chips


IPHONE6 16GB 8,500

IPHONE6 32GB 9,000

IPHONE 6 64GB 9,500

IPHONE 128GB 10,500

IPHONE 6s 16GB 10,500

IPHONE 6s 32GB 11,000

IPHONE 6s 64GB 12,000

IPHONE 6s128GB 13,500

IPHONE 6plus 16GB 11,000

IPHONE 6plus 64GB 12,500

IPHONE plus 128GB 13,000

IPHONE 6splus 16GB 13,500

IPHONE 6splus 32GB 15,000

IPHONE 6splus 64GB 16,000

IPHONE 6splus128GB 17,000

IPHONE 7 32GB 17,000

IPHONE 7 128GB 18,000

IPHONE 7 256GB 19,000

IPHONE 7plus 32GB 22,000

IPHONE 7plus 128GB 23,000

IPHONE 7plus 256GB 26,000

pwede pwed ireset sa meet up

ANY network working Sun smart globe

postpaid pwed sa ibang bansa abroad

ang pinag kaibahan ng semi fu sa fu

ang semi fu po kapag sakaling ireset all content mo siya kailangan ng chip para ma activation so bali kpag ireset lang saka gagamitin ung chips

ang fu no need chips

all datails

pweding pwed pang gifts ngayon darating ma december

100% slightly used but looks like brand new

100% original not fake not clone

100% complete package oem

100% smoothness

100% no scratches

100% no history rapair

100% no hedden issue

100% all working and good condition

100% free test to sawa for meet up

100% free upon meet up

100% fingerprint good condition

100% lcd good condition

100% wifi good condition

100% data fast internet

100% charger good

100% usb charger good

100% battery life 100% very good condition

100% no apple id no icloud

100% sign your apple id para mkpag download ka ng ng mga gusto mong apps like facebook

meeting place

metro point pasay

sm santa messa

greenhills shopping center

farmers cubao

gateway cubao


centres station



starmall crosing

light mall boni


sm makati

metro point

any mrt statio

fast transaction txt me or call




Andos Jham
Andos Jham
online 1 year ago


13 February 2019




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